Public speaking final

Last night we had the final of the public speaking competition. It went really well and I was really proud of the progress they had all made. Everyone spoke loudly and confidently, and everyone watching said how impressed they were. The principal said she couldn’t believe how well they presented their speeches and has asked if for the next eight weeks, one of them each week could present their speech in the whole school assembly.

I was really impressed with how well it went and today I will award prizes for best speech and also best speaker at our celebration party!

Here is a copy of two of the speeches:

What Nyumbani Village Means to me

Five years ago my life was very different.
My life changed when I came to Nyumbani village.
My life changed for the better.
My life changed for forever.

This village is an institution where children without parents are taken in to be cared for. They also care for the old grandpas and grandmas. The orphans are taken here in order to gain education, love, care, and support.

My dear brothers and sisters, can you imagine what would have happened to this large group of orphans that live in the village, if they were not taken into this institution? Most of them they could be in gangs, or even thieves.
My dear brothers and sisters, don’t you know that most of them could have already been killed or committed suicide themselves? Most could be prostitutes, not only in their villages, but also in the big towns and cities and this may lead to being infected with HIV/AIDS, or STIs.

My dear brothers and sisters, Nyumbani has rescued many lives of young orphans. We, as children of Nyumbani come together as one family and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting us.”

We, as Nyumbani children, say because of Nyumbani village we can become better people.
We can feel love in a family.
We can make it in life.

The Importance of Education

What do you think is the importance of education?
Is education of any importance to today’s daily activities?
Can you imagine a world without education?
My dear friends, I cannot.

Education lights the way because with education you can be anyone in life.
With education you can solve any problem that you come across.
With education you have the ability to think and make good decisions.
With education you can get a job because you have the certificates that show you are educated and you are qualified for the job.
With education you are able to communicate because you have the knowledge of English and Kiswahili, the commonly used languages for communication.
With education you are able to interact with other people because you don’t feel ashamed of yourself.
With education you can become famous because people will talk about you day in day out, and at long last you will be a famous person.
With education you know what to do and say.
With education you feel proud.

To me, education means I will get a job, I can communicate fluently, and I can interact with other people.
To me, education means I can be famous, I can solve any problem I come across, and I will be able to make a good decision.
To me, education means I will be proud of myself.

In conclusion, I would urge every one of you in this congregation to care more about education. With education you are sure to prosper in life because education lights the way.

Mimi xxx

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  1. Sue Lawless says:

    Well done Amelia – impressive stuff. Surely you’ve given away all the chickens by now and eaten all the Jaffa cakes. What have you held back for prizes?! X

    Liked by 1 person

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